"Hi everyone, we  wanted to share with you a fantastic resource that we found right here in our very own The Rawls Group.  My team was just starting to work on revamping our listing presentation to demonstrate this shifting market as accurate and compelling as possible.  We were planning on contracting someone out to help us, which was going to take 20-30 hours and a good deal of money.  I was dreading the thought of having to start all over.  While in the Siberia workroom, I came across a Listing Presentation that blew my socks off.

It was thorough, concise, professional and depicted the current market perfectly.  In addition, it had all of the latest statistics.  After a little research, I found out that it was created by Barbara Kyle in the Keller Williams Peachtree Road office and Chuck Carr of Chartmaster Services.  Barbara has been with Keller Williams since 2000 and teaches Camp 443, as well as launches agents at Peachtree Road.  Chuck Carr puts together all of the wonderful stats that Jeri and Shaun present to us quarterly. 

Whether you are new agent that is looking for a great listing presentation or a veteran agent that needs a fresh spin on their listing presentation, you should really check it out.  It is fully editable to add your own personal touch or take out slides that are not relevant for your market.  We were fully prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on this until we found out that the cost for this is only $55.  All of the products Chuck and Barbara have worked so hard on creating for us are on this website.  Go check it out now...www.chartmasterservices.com."

Leigh Ehrlich Schiff


"As an OP, one of my successes (in my own, humble opinion!) for 2007 was working with you to provide your work to all of our agents in an effort to help them improve their business. 

Your easy to understand statistical analysis of the Atlanta real estate market is a sure-fire way to make an agent’s presentation to buyers and sellers ultra professional.  I have always felt that the key to an agent’s success is the quality of their presentation, and your materials can make any agent’s presentation unbeatable.

Thanks for all of the awesome work.  Your talents are one of the big gifts to Keller Williams."

Shaun Rawls - OP


"Dear Chuck,

I want to tell you how truly helpful all of your charts have been to my business.  They have made such a difference!  I struggle to be taken seriously because of my age (just a few years out of college), and your charts give me so much credibility - people have stopped asking how long I've been in real estate! 

I use your charts and stats in mailings and in my e-newsletter, and I have even used the chart about Market Share to recruit.  I have had such a positive response because people really do want facts and numbers, and your charts display them in such a clean, crisp, straightforward way. 

I got my very first listing last year thanks to your charts.  I built my listing presentation around them, and my seller told me that no other agent he met with a) had such a thorough listing presentation and b) was so honest with him about the market.  The best part: I didn't have to be the bad guy asking him for a low listing price!  The numbers speak for themselves, and that is what I love about all of your charts.

My business truly wouldn't be the same without your work, and I just wanted to express how lucky we are to have you.  Thank you!"

Jessica Reichart


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